Allow me to introduce myself:

Legend has it that my third grade teacher assured my parents during a conference that they need not worry about their artsy-fartsy daughter;

“She’s going to be a writer.”

I haven’t always believed this prophecy, but over the years I have found that I am at my happiest and most fulfilled when I am learning, creating, expressing myself, and using words to spark discussion about the things I value. Simply put: words are my passion.

As I begin my graduate studies in the Critical Studies in Literacy & Pedagogy MA program at Michigan State University, I am drawing upon the skills I developed as an undergraduate in the field of Writing & Rhetoric. I am excited for this next chapter of my academic career, wherein I will begin to solidify and professionalize my own personal interests within writing & rhetoric research and pedagogy.  Simply put: my love affair with writing is, hopefully, just getting started.