This piece is a memoir of roughly 1200 words, which I wrote as an assignment during my second semester at URI. The “Memoir Project” assignment was a part of my honors class, Honors Tutorial in Writing, taught by WRT professor Dr. Heather Johnson. The class had a focus on creative nonfiction and writing the self, which was a very new genre for me at the time. The piece, titled “It’s in the Water” explores my experiences at an all-girls summer camp, and coming to terms with my identity as a bisexual woman.

This essay is a strong example of finding my voice as a creative nonfiction writer. Typically, I find myself writing mostly academic or professionally-oriented prose, and tend to reserve my creative and reflective voice for poetry, which I write in my personal time. However, I find this particular piece symbolic of my exploration and success in creative prose, specifically creative nonfiction. Additionally, this essay is laden with vulnerability and authenticity, which is, for me, rarely explored in academic settings. This piece allowed me to develop my passion for writing in a new genre, thus developing my identity as a writer in a previously unexplored direction.