I am a wave crashing in the dead of night when nobody sees the impact nobody feels the spray nobody hears the clap of thunder. I am a crumpled notebook paper filled with unfinished verses whispering that I’m sorry whispering that I love you whispering the words i’ve been aching to hear. I am every … Continue reading Autobiography

Lo que me llevo

the girl who steps off the airplane is not the same girl who got on it. Spanish words fall mangled from her lips— English vowels stuck in her mouth like peanut butter— but the words do fall, a hesitant cascada, whose roar will someday fill the valley. the girl who boards the mícro is not … Continue reading Lo que me llevo

A Love Story in Two Parts

hope sometimes when the wind blows just right I catch a whiff of you in my hair and I close my eyes inhaling the moment I thought was long gone: feeling your arms around me my face buried in your green t-shirt restless lips planting kisses all over sometimes when I look at you I … Continue reading A Love Story in Two Parts