Travel Essay

This piece is an essay I wrote as an assignment over J-Term this year. The assignment was a part of my intensive writing class, Advanced Travel Writing, taught by WRT professor Dr. Heather Johnson. The class had a focus on travel writing as a subset of the creative nonfiction genre as a whole. The piece, titled “Divine Providence” explores my solitary journey throughout the city of Providence on one winter day, as I reflected on popular superstitions and what they mean in terms of my own life.

This essay is a strong example of finding my voice as a creative nonfiction—specifically, a travel writer. Not only is this particular piece symbolic of my exploration and success in creative nonfiction writing. Additionally, this essay is laden with the energy and excitement of travel. While I consider myself someone who loves to travel, I feel this piece allowed me to explore the ways in which my identities as a writer and a traveler can overlap, and lead to beautiful art. This piece allowed me to develop my passion for writing in a new capacity, thus developing my identity as a writer in a previously unexplored direction.